October 4, 2007


Mural artists, Jaxun Doten, Roberta Gentry [AKA Bobbi], Joseph Robles, and Danny Martin, [with extra help from Kate McHugh, Molly McClintock and Rocky Ponce] got together and furiously painted over the course of two weekends to bring you this:

If you are in Tucson, you have no excuse not to come view the magic in person.

Jaxun had suggested that we paint zombies. His comments:

"We all want the truth. When you turn on the TV, any number of news stations claim to have it. so what keeps our attention on one rather than another?


But the combination of news and entertainment has backfired. Rather than product evolution and corporate competition leading to a perfected news machine, it has left the general populace in a confused and media saturated, zombie-like state, still scrambling for truth."

Our first weekend was successful, but by Wednesday, 4 of the 6 panels had been tagged. Though a little disheartened, we got out there again, on the following weekend, and re-painted the mural.
When we finished painting, we coated the mural panels with an icky-slimy 'sacrificial anti-graffiti coating'. Bobbi and Molly are quite possibly suffering unknown toxic effects now, as a result of the snot-like substance that oozed onto their skin, numerous times...

MAXed Art thanks our sponsors:
Southwestern Paint and Supply
Dinnerware Artspace
Rialto Theatre

We also thank the wonderful friends who put aside all fear of public ridicule and distorted themselves to pose for a Jaxun zombie. We couldn't have done it without you.

Welcome Home

MAXED ART began in September of 2007 with no inaugural meeting. MAXED ART is a multi-disiplinary artist collective with a mind aimed towards visual arts, writing and music. MAXED ART’s focus is to create and present collaborative artist projects. Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, MAXed Art also collaborates with artists from various states around the U.S. MAXED ART is a reason to make things: these things are called engaging, they are called fun, they are called Art.

: seeks quality production
: interacts with a public audience
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But mostly, MAXED ART just wants to share ideas and make new stuff.

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