October 4, 2007

Welcome Home

MAXED ART began in September of 2007 with no inaugural meeting. MAXED ART is a multi-disiplinary artist collective with a mind aimed towards visual arts, writing and music. MAXED ART’s focus is to create and present collaborative artist projects. Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, MAXed Art also collaborates with artists from various states around the U.S. MAXED ART is a reason to make things: these things are called engaging, they are called fun, they are called Art.

: seeks quality production
: interacts with a public audience
: creates new opportunities for visual artists, writers and musicians

But mostly, MAXED ART just wants to share ideas and make new stuff.

***Please email MaxedArt@gmail.com with any questions.

1 comment:

Porter said...

The murals look amazing!