June 24, 2008

Sound Of Paint, July 29-Aug 2, 2008

This is an art project of 'variation rather than destination'.  As passive audience members, we are familiar with music and painting as a finished product. The artist has spent his or her time in the studio, and the musician, time in the production room, to make the song or artwork that we now see and hear.  What might happen if we watch the process unfold in real time, right before our own eyes? Do we become a part of the art ourselves?  

Artists and musicians interact in 7 different live paint session while YOU watch. Classical, hip-hop, rock, ambient and jazz musicians interact with fine art painters, cartoonists', graffiti artists. You will want to come. There will be surprise invitations for audience participation. All ages are welcome and all sessions are free and open to the public. BYOB !! Thanks to our co-sponsors, Tucson Pima Arts Council, Ace Hardware, and Dinnerware Artspace.

* Watch us with Sooyeon Lee, channel 6 KUAT *

image by ©Modernus

Artists include: Ana-Elisa Arredondo, Adan Banuelos, Carly Cutrone, Adam Cooper-Terán, Roberta Gentry, Rocky Martinez, Danny Martin, Matt Dobbyn Meko, Modernus, Pop Futura, Andrew Shuta, Andy Steinbeck, Shazar

Curated and organized by Molly McClintock, this project combines the artistry of both musicians and visual artists. Watch a synergistic force of creativity, as Music and Paint come together. Experience the creation with us. All sessions are free and open to the public. BYOB !!

JULY 29-AUGUST 2, 2008

Arts Incubator Gallery
108 E. Congress St
July 29-Aug 2
Every evening Tues-Sat
Beginning 7:30pm

Musician Line-up:
Tuesday, July 29: Naim Amor, Chris Black, La Cerca
Wednesday, July 30: flautist Sierra Norris, violinist Christine Scheer
Thursday, July 31: guitar Nick Quiller, RCougar
Friday, Aug 1: Cathy Rivers, experimental guitar Steven Soloway
Saturday Aug 2: (6:30pm) l eye, ambient sounds Zach Bloom, West

276 E. Congress St
Friday & Saturday, Aug 1-2
Beginning 7:30pm

Musician Line-Up
Friday Aug 1: l eye, SAERONE, Art Terrain VJs
Saturday Aug 2: Flagrante Delicto, Art Terrain musicians

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