September 23, 2008

PLUME ZINE, "[bicycle] Conversations" Available now!

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Antigones, 411 N. 4th Ave
BICAS, 44 W. 6th St, $5
Tooley's on Congress, 278 E. Congress, $4

The second edition of a local hand-bound zine, produced July 2008, this issue contains poetry and prose submissions from Charles Alexander, Colleen Runyan, J. Era Martin, Daniel Elliot Schaller, Ben Shapiro, Molly McClintock, and more. All submissions explore the topic of bicycles, conversations, or a combination of the two.
PLUME ZINE, "[bicycle] Conversations", Issue Number Two. Get your copy now!

excerpt from Untitled, by Daniel Elliot Schaller:

"but perhaps i am guilty of nurturing my tiny ruins
and shortcomings into an uphill with only one way.
while you are merely restless. we make music
but in different rooms, pulled apart by fists and

Bucket O' Gears ©Christina Ramirez

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thanks to Ethan, Ben, James, and Dan for production help!
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