November 15, 2008

'Zine Make, Friday, November 21st, 7pm

'Zine Make (becomes a monthly party)
Friday, November 21st, 7pm
Dinnerware Artspace, 264 E. Congress St
Call 245-2681 (for directions, advice, comfort...)

Our last Zine Make was awesome, and a little chaotic. With a bit more structure we hope to make 'Zines that we can all be proud of. and those collages and drawings we made last time? They will be featured this time!

One theme per 20 minutes, i.e. money; the color red; boll weevils; plastic fork; pumpkin pie; whatever theme you have...
Specific size and paper for each theme
Separate tables for 1)binding 2)collage 3)drawing 4)etc.
Binding 'zines as we go

all your awesome paper (found paper, etc.)
Art-making supplies (collage, pencils, you know)
Art-making stimulants (fruit, candy, liquor)
Your ideas
Your LP's or 45's (there will be no iPods or CD's)

And meet at Dinnerware for a November 'Zine Make.
Please invite a friend or two-- but only if they are willing to make art with us.

yours truly, molly and bobbi