March 17, 2009

Sound Of Paint 2009 pix

Dear Friends, thank you for a great time. 

The Sound of Paint 2009 Live Paint & Music Sessions were "one of the most happening experiences going on in Tucson" according to a guest. Featured local music by Cathy Rivers, Leila Lopez, Steve Soloway, Sierra Norris and Helene, Sssss, Impossible Map, dj Critter, and Missing Parts. Participating Artists were the wonderful Ana-Elisa Arredondo, Megan Bailey, Carly Cutrone, Roberta Gentry, Jerry Jordan, Joe Marshall, Emily Phillips, and Donovan White, with many guests artists painting also! Please visit TuScene's Flickr and Steven Soloway's Flickr for pictures.

Creative directors Molly McClintock & Steve Soloway would like to Thank You for being there.
Please email with any inquiries about this project!
Many thanks to our host, Dinnerware Artspace.

Here are pix for you courtesy of some very awesome photographers.

images ©Andrew Brown

images ©MAXED ART

images ©Steve Soloway

images by Donovan White

images by MAXED ART

images ©Rachelle Diaz


Community said...

looks awesome!!

none said...
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Paula said...

Inspiring & exciting to see the working together, and seeing what comes of it... what a great feeling it must have been! Wish I could have been there.

Fantastic collaboration and idea!