August 27, 2009

Plume Zine Issue 3, "Criminality"

Dear Writers and Artists,
Thank you for all your submissions.

The editing process for Plume Zine Issue 3, "Criminality" is finished, and production has now begun. You may expect a release date of late September. We will let you know where and how you may get a copy of the zine, once it is ready for reading.

Dear Readers,
Here follows, a teaser:

image by Christine Scheer

"That there is such a reminiscence, and that is hillsides. In climbing, hiking alongside ridge or ravine, on such days that the placing of a foot one after the other may suffice to bring the memory back. In the spotless horizon, or the remembered and oft-treasured holding of the hands. I have been called out by spouse and co. for remembering only in stark light, as if in the past no suns set. That such might be a game of catch, or while tackling the beloved object of one’s affections between sheets, or wooly bushes. On nights minus sleep I count stars, and place numbers to the grains of sand. Such are nights when I roll from the duvet and stalk the hallways with a sunken roar."

Excerpt from "Brambles" by Max Paradise

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