November 21, 2009

Friday, November 27

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image: Alex Nelson Green!

International group art project
The 27th of every month. 2009.

We began this project to make ourselves grow as artists, and to see and interact with what other artists are doing.
27 is more than just a picture-taking/picture-looking project.

We pick themes that are strong in their simplicity. Themes that you can shoot on a busy weekday, but that you can also put some thought into.

We want to hear your thoughtful, introspective, aesthetic, and intelligent comments about our photographs.

27 is how different artists approach the same theme.
27 is to be excited and inspired by photography.
Come be inspired with us.

Friday, November 27, We shoot: Reflections
Shoot with any lo-fi camera such as:
Disposable camera
Digital point and shoot (less than 3 Megapixels!)
Your plastic toy camera
Camera Phone

November 11, 2009

Criminality: Plume Zine update

we're making Criminality guerrilla style. like in the '90's when DIY first began.

this zine is our blacksheep3rdchildangstlovecriminaldemonbaby.
this zine's taking some time to come about. he's a little troublemaker.

we're terribly excited by all the wonderful contributions from our talented writers (you!) and artists (you!), and we continue to feed our baby.

soon. Soon! you will have your issue!

we thank you for your patience.

the editors


Originally uploaded by MAXED 27

Jaxun Doten: Holga Fun in Portland
New 27 photo set from photographer in Portland, OR