November 11, 2009

Criminality: Plume Zine update

we're making Criminality guerrilla style. like in the '90's when DIY first began.

this zine is our blacksheep3rdchildangstlovecriminaldemonbaby.
this zine's taking some time to come about. he's a little troublemaker.

we're terribly excited by all the wonderful contributions from our talented writers (you!) and artists (you!), and we continue to feed our baby.

soon. Soon! you will have your issue!

we thank you for your patience.

the editors


TC said...

just found you at antigone in tucson. i think i'm in love.

quitty said...

Diverting our scrutiny from these interminable delays: Well, it just smacks of corruption. Tell us what you've done with the contributions, and we won't get the law involved.

MAXED ART said...

Well, corruption tastes really good. We always smack when we eat it.

quitty said...

I eat more Corruption Smacks FOR BREAKFAST than you do do all day. Dig 'um!

MAXED ART said...

TC, we're happy you've found love! with us!