September 19, 2012

Think Unsexy Thoughts: A Post-Erotic Art Show at Wardenclyffe

 "Things to tell your husband three years later", Watercolor and pencil, Molly Wilbanks

  • Opening Reception: Friday, September 21, 2012, 7-11 pm
    Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 4-8pm through October 6

    Think Unsexy Thoughts emphasizes the not so much sexy subjects of straight and gay erotic art, but rather examines the genre: its formalities, presentation, contexts. What do the aesthetic constraints of the erotic oevure say about how genre artists and enthusiasts, both their own (internal), and in art/media/culture (external)? How does art that supposedly expresses the limitless bounds of sexuality and sensuality, originally meant to be authentic, become a consumable product? How do these product design standards then permeate the norms of acceptable turn-ons from the upper echelons of mainstream media to our own internalized psyches? The artists participating in Think Unsexy thoughts have deviated from this well-beaten path (and for some, even their own comfort zones) to produce provocative works and performances that are political, feminist, androgynous, genderqueer, secret, comical, shocking, subversive, sarcastic, parodic, historic, slapdash, beautiful. Activating the mind and the loins, Think Unsexy Thoughts will not be your average erotica exhibition.

    Curated by Rachelle Díaz, with juror David de Lara.

    Selected artists include:

    Vladimir Mejia | Austin |
    Molly Wilbanks | Charlotte, NC |
    Kim Largey | Tucson, AZ |
    indaco | Houston |
    Jerry Jordan | Leipzig, Germany |
    Charles Cohen | New York City |
    Sarah Fox | San Antonio |
    Gay Men Draw Vaginas (various artists) | San Francisco |
    J. B. Mendez | Austin |
    Travis McGuire | Austin
    Vanity Fairy | Austin
    Ashley Dennington & Josh MacLeod | Austin
    Lauraly Hernandez | Austin
    Janosz Coufal | Austin |
    Beverly Bland Boydston III | Austin |
    Laura Kvistad | Austin
    Paul Moncus | Austin |
    Blair Bogin
    David de Lara | Austin |
    Rachelle Díaz | Austin |
    and others.

    Sponsored by Treaty Oak Distilling Co |